Darkness falls

Another summer is nearly at its end and our band is taking damage.
Our beloved Lead Guitarist has left the band to pursue his ambitions to be a full time light technician for several kick-ass bands. We wish him all the best and we hope he can make his dreams come true.
This all happened right before the gig at Festival ‘T Zeeltje. With the help of several friends The Dutch Duke was able to pull it off. And how!! Check the bands facebook for photo’s!

On the moment the Band still works with session musicians but really wants to find people who can play the drums or the guitar and have the right determination to keep on going to get to the top! If you do know somebody please get in touch with us or make sure we can make contact. We are eager to work, sweat and making The Dutch Duke ‘s fortune’s come true.

Furthermore we are having trouble getting gigs. Suggestions do help!

We hope to bring you some good news this month!