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Can't Stop

After the 2014 release of Saevus Umbra, The Dutch Duke presents their 2019 EP Can’t Stop! Release-party 08-03-2019 at The Boothill Saloon, Amersfoort

But for now, listen to Saevus Umbra on Spotify, Deezer or other streaming services!


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Power, Speed & Rock 'n' Roll

Power, Speed, Rock ‘n’ Roll. Take these words and let your ears, while bleeding, unravel the mysteries this band has for you! A Heavy Metal band energetic and prominent in their assets with a touch of Rock’n’Roll. Since mid-June 2014 active and on 30th of April 2015 released independent their debut EP-SEAVUS UMBRA. A masculine power-trio of young blood from the Netherlands!

From left to right:
Yaro Christiaans – Drums
Jordi Christiaans – Guitar & backing vocals
Wouter van Doeveren – Bass & lead vocals

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